Importance of Hindi Shayari

We all use Hindi shayari for different purposes. But what is the importance of Hindi shayari for us.

hindi shayari
Importance of Hindi shayari

Everyone wants to hear some good words for his work. And for that he searches for some word that gives pleasure.

Now here comes the part of Hindi shayari. Hindi shayari are those pleasing words that you can use to give happiness to anyone.

And now we can see there is a flood of Hindi shayari all around the web. And they are just to give you happiness and to our close one’s.

So in future if you want to surprise someone or want to bring happiness on someone’s face than use Hindi shayari and spread love.

There are lots of types of shayaris are available on the internet.

For Example:-

Love, Sad, Anger, festivals or any type of occasion.

This is the importance of Hindi shayari. These are written for giving you happiness.

There have been some very famous writers of Hindi and Urdu shayari.

For example:-

  1. Mirza Ghalib
  2. Ummar Khyamm

So enjoy the beauty of these golden words.

Few shayari are here that i like and want to share with you.

Hindi Shayari

आहिस्ता बोलने का तेरा अंदाज़ बहुत कमाल है,
कान सुनते कुछ नही लेकिन दिल सब समझ जाता है!

उमर कितनी मंज़िलें तय कर चुकी थी मगर,
दिल एक बार तेरे दिल से टकराया तो ठहरा ही रह गया!

नाम तेरा ऐसे लिख चुका हूँ अपने वजूद पर,
की हम-नाम कोई तेरा मिल जाए तो भी दिल धड़क जाता है!

इतनी तहज़ीब से पेश आना आदत है तुम्हारी,
या, मुझे क़त्ल करने की साज़िश है तुम्हारी!

कितने मज़बूर हैं हम इस इश्क़ के हाथों,
ना तुझे पाने की औकात, ना तुझे खोने का हौंसला!



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