Valentine’s Day Quotes For 14 February 2017

14 february is celebrated as valetine’s day. Here we have valetine’s day quotes for you in 2017.

Valentine’s day quotes

Every year on February 14 is the day of lovers, the Valentine’s Day , celebrated. The original story of this day dates back to the Italian bishop Valentin, who in the third century provided for the Christian marriage of lovers. As a gift the bishop handed over bouquets from his own garden. Even if you are single than even you can celebrate your valentine’s day doing these things here.

Even today, on Valentine’s Day, where the love is in the foreground, presents bouquets or other loving gift. Particularly popular amongst the lovers are also original sayings for Valentines Day, which touch the heart of the partner and pronounce what one feels deep inside for the partner. With the valentine’s day sayings, you can show creatively how much you want the partner. For all romantics there are numerous Valentine’s Day sayings in the list below, which are original and come from the heart. Because of the large selection of different sayings, there is something suitable for every couple.
Original sayings for Valentines Day always come well and provide the perfect gift for couples in love. With the beautiful sayings from our list, your Valentine’s Day will definitely be a successful day, which will remain a positive memory for a lifetime.

Valentine’s day quotes

In order to enjoy the full measure of joy, you have to have someone to share it with.
And you’re my sweetheart. I love you!

Once love has sprouted, it drives roots that do not stop growing.

I love the rose as its bush. I like the sun as its appearance. I love you because you are my life. I love you because love is my being.

This Valentin Strauss here
is a sign of love from me.
I hope it helps me to think
and will give you joy, happiness and love.

Valentine is the most beautiful day when you like flowers. But because I have no flowers for you, I only tell you that I like you.

In my little heart you are always there, so I think of you also to St. Valentin.

Your sweetheart greets you from a distance and wants to tell you: “I like you, I think of you all day, you have to believe me because I like you!”

On Valentine’s Day, I say to you: “I love you on a grand scale, so there’s a fat smack for my sweetest darling!”

I have something to think of-I have delight in all my senses, I am delighted by you.

Without any grief, I fall into a love-bed.
Without pain I think of you, my valentine’s heart!

For the world, you are someone. But for anybody you are the world!
I love you, my valentine angel!

Valentine, Valentine, I love you, and even more to Valentin!

What a heavenly sensation is to follow his heart.

Einstein said, “The best things in life are not the ones you get for money.” And he’s damn right. Because I have you, my darling! And with that I am the richest man in the world!

Without you, my heart stands still until we meet again. I love you!

Love is an island in the ocean of life. I am stranded on her and hope not to be saved!

Yours forever!

Hello my sweetheart! I’ve just woken up full of longing. Today is Valentine’s Day and I want to surprise you, you simply sniffed.


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