Prerequisite for the sales representative job: To be able to approach people

There are hardly any prerequisites for the sales job. It is neither a teaching profession, nor is it necessary to have a school leaving certificate or vocational training. Same for the medical representative job.

It is significantly more important whether a sales partner can approach people; Have fun consulting them; But also with frequent rejections .

This is also part of the job: the potential customers hit the door in front of one’s nose, react irritably, insult one or even threaten with physical violence.

Here again the advantages and disadvantages of the job at a glance

Advantages of the commercial representation:


  • No business idea required
  • No training required
  • The client usually carries out training
  • Open time-management
  • Also part-time work possible

Disadvantages of the commercial representation:


  • Income-related income on a commission basis
  • Full business risk
  • Frequently required mobility
  • Customer base needs to be worked out
  • Frequent rejection

Admittedly, the job of the commercial agent is not exactly the best. But that is precisely why free and good (!) Commercial representatives are also lackware .

Trade representatives are being sought. Trade travelers are in great demand on the labor market – despite the fact that there are around 700,000 people in India who are pursuing this profession. Preferred in the following branches :

  • Insurance
  • Banks, construction finance
  • energy
  • Consumer goods, cosmetics
  • publishers

There are plenty of sales jobs. Only few, who have the desire to get in touch directly with the customer on the ground.


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