First date with a man

The first date with a man is always very exciting. It causes anticipation, anxiety and even fear, and it does not matter how old the girl is – sixteen or forty. Being at any age, women, on the first date, dream that the man who waits for them is exactly what she thought about on long and lonely evenings, with which she would like to share her life, all her joys and sorrows .

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How to look on the first date, how to behave, what to talk about and what to do? And, more importantly, how to understand at the first meeting what kind of man is now sitting next to you, is it suitable for you, because no girl wants to be deceived, surrounded by a finger by those who she believed to have Serious intentions on her account.

The first meeting may well end with a long romance or remain a simple flirtation , but the main thing is that the meeting should have its continuation (in the event that the man you like). To achieve continuation, you can, if you use the tips below.

The first meeting

The sentence about the meeting is most often made by a man. But the time and place, where she will pass, is already chosen by the girl, of course, specifying whether her choice is suitable for a man. There are several opposing opinions about whether a woman should come on a date on time or should be late. Still, if this is only your first meeting, it’s better not to be late – this is not tactful. By the time a woman approaches the designated place, the man should already be there.
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A very large number of women are insanely worried before the meeting, do not know what to do on the first date. Because of this excitement and attempts to make a pleasant impression on a man, there usually appear first mistakes: too fast speech, shaking hands and so on. You just need to try to relax and then everything should go smoothly and the way you need it.

At the first meeting, try to behave modestly, but do not forget to actively communicate with a man. Be in some part funny, sexy, smart and sweet. What you do not have to do in any case is to be capricious and complain about life. No man will like a girl who is constantly unhappy with everyone and sees life only in black. He really wants to see your beautiful mood and shining eyes. After all, the man thought out and planned the evening, he wanted to give you at least a little, but pleasure. He tries to do everything to make you like. And imagine yourself in his place: would you be pleased to see a person next to you who, instead of smiling at you, complains about poor service and tasteless food, for example?

What to talk about

Develop yourself a fairly simple, but useful habit of thinking positively. Believe me, it will help you not only on your first date with a man, but also just for life. In general, show your interlocutor that you appreciated what he did for you.
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If you want to maintain a lively and interesting dialogue, never ask a man questions that can be briefly answered. Formulate each of your question so that it helps you to find out about your interlocutor as much useful and necessary information as possible. You can start a conversation about a man’s childhood, about his tastes, preferences and hobbies. Try to find as many common interests with your interlocutor as it is not without reason that people who share similar interests are more attracted to each other. You understand that not all men love your favorite TV shows? Therefore, it is better not to start a conversation about this.
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Before you start talking about yourself, you need to take a deep breath. So leave the rest of the excitement and clarify the head. Try to smile as often as possible – this disposes of a person. And do not be embarrassed to laugh. Appreciate his joke, but do not overdo it: a very stupid looking girl who, like a schoolgirl, giggles at everything her companion tells. A man will only annoy him. Try to get pleasure from communicating with a person and do not think about the purposes and consequences of such a conversation. Convince yourself that the outcome of the meeting, whatever it is, is no more than a small episode in your life. And even if this episode is unsuccessful – do not get upset.

Be a mystery to a man, no matter how trite it may sound. Do not immediately tell him about yourself the slightest secrets. Better try to intrigue your interlocutor, because it is interest and will guarantee a second date with him. Most importantly, not a word, half-word do not remember about their previous men! Otherwise, very much risk your interlocutor never to see again. Tell me about your successes and achievements. Only do not need pathos and bragging! And do you know the list of those forbidden for the first date? These are diseases, money, your and his private life, gossip about anyone.


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