How to Eliminate Herpes in the Tongue – CLICK HERE!

Use a cold compress on the herpes bubbles on the tongue to reduce pain and discomfort! With these trick you will be able to eliminate herpes on tongue.

herpes on tongue

This calms the tongue and has the irritation under control, although the relief will disappear when the temperature rises. This refers to the bubbles if they do not do it themselves, but it will make you feel better.

You can place directly on the surface of the blisters swollen on the tongue, with a simple pieces of ice or ice cubes. Repeat the refrigeration application several times a day!

Consume chilled foods such as yogurt, smoothies, ice cream, milk shakes and plenty of cold water!

These foods do not irritate the sores and also help to reduce the discomfort of the bubbles while eating these and other foods.

Put a local anesthetic on your tongue to relieve the burning sensation!

Local anesthetics are available in gel form that can be applied directly to the affected area.

To apply this remedy:

Dry your tongue with gauze! A dry tongue will help the rapid dissolution of anesthesia. In other words, it makes the local anesthetic act efficiently.

Take a cotton swab with a little gel and carry it in the affected area! Be careful because this local anesthetic is bitter.


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