7 tips to deal with your angry girlfriend

In every couple relationship there are always good moments, happiness and bad moments. The differences in a relationship are the most healthy and normal, but the important thing is to know how to negotiate in those moments without either of them imposing their point of view or desire.

deal with gf

However, for many men it is sometimes difficult to understand their partner. Well, at the beginning, it is hard work to understand if they are angry and the cause of this anger, which ultimately becomes a real problem.

Therefore, we give you some tips to learn how to recognize and react when your partner is upset with you, according to psychology-online.com, to have a better relationship:

1. If you know her well and you know she is upset, do not ask her: Are you angry? Surely the look you will receive will be unpleasant. Better try to observe her for a few moments and try to think about the cause of her discomfort. You have probably done something to alter it in such a way.

2. Ask her what is bothering her, if you really have no idea what’s wrong or that something you’ve done has angered her. However, if she does not want to tell you, do not press her too much.

3. If you know that she is upset with you, whether or not you have intended to provoke her, an apology, when you use the appropriate words, means a lot. Maybe an “I’m sorry” is the best principle.

4. Be patient. If she starts crying, raise her voice or react negatively, be calm. Do not react the same, that will only make the situation worse.

5. Time Give him time to relieve himself and to calm him down. This way they will be able to talk later, but no longer angry, so that they have the opportunity to clarify things.

6. Do not pass it on. Stop telling her that you feel it all the time, since that will make her angry more with you than she already is.

7. Touch it gently or hug it. Hugs work for almost anyone and in any situation. Be firm but gentle. The point of embracing her is that she feels safe and protected.

To solve the conflict, tell her at the beginning how much you love her, that you feel what happened and that you never wanted to hurt her. This may be the best way for her to understand that you do not always understand her reactions, and that they will begin to solve them.

To manage differences and have a healthy relationship, it is important to put aside feelings of anger and the demands of both parties.


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